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 CS Information

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PostSubject: CS Information   Sat May 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Creativity Society

SG has a place where people can improve their skills, learn, share resources, create/use tutorials, play games, enter contests, raffles, and connect with people like them. We have 2 categories here, which are RP & writing and Graphics & art.

FAQ and more info

  • Who can join?: to see if the member is active, we require the user to at least be on the crystal rank.
  • How can you join?: instructions are below, it is quick and easy.
  • Why can't I post?: you have to be a member of the society.

How to join

The join threads are located here. Information needed to sign up are located in those threads.

Who's in charge

Eternal Sailor Moon is the leader of the Graphics & Art creativity society.
Sailor Venus is the leader of the RP & Writing creativity society.


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CS Information
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