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 SG's staff search [OPEN]

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SG's staff search [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: SG's staff search [OPEN]   SG's staff search [OPEN] I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2018 2:28 pm

SG's staff search [OPEN] Staff

As a new sailor moon fan forum, we are looking for staff members! The list of staff needed and their jobs are below the form!

How to apply: fill out this form and PM it to neo queen serenity. You will be accepted or denied your position in less than a week.

Staff Form wrote:
Which senshi are you applying as?
How active are you on the forum?
Do you agree to log in at least twice a week?
Which should we use to contact you? (Discord, or PM)
Do you have past admin experience?
Name (nickname)?
Age: (optional)
Gender (optional)
A little about you:

Inner Senshi

  • Sailor Moon: the forum's founder. The leader of the inner and outer senshi.
  • Sailor Mercury (available!): plans, creates, and gives ideas for events. As well as other site affairs relating to planning/activities. Partnered with Sailor Jupiter.
  • Sailor Venus (available!): manages senshi hangouts, and the creativity society. Partnered with Sailor Mars.
  • Sailor Mars (available!): manages the store and approves purchase requests. Partnered with Sailor Venus
  • Sailor Jupiter (available!): helps members, and gives them bans/warnings. Partnered with Sailor Mercury.

Outer Senshi

  • Sailor Chibimoon (available!): the leader of the outer senshi, is an RP admin.
  • Sailor Pluto (available!): approves Otaku Senshi/Canon Senshi.
  • Sailor Uranus (available!): creates rp events/plans rp related things.
  • Sailor Neptune (available!): approves storylines.
  • Sailor Saturn (available!): archives characters, story lines, and events.

Star Seed Moderators
Are mods on the forum, they also help the main admin.

  • Luna: helps the admin Sailor Moon with graphic stuff.


SG's staff search [OPEN] Neo1
the elegant queen of the  f o r u m s
SG's staff search [OPEN] AdminmoonSG's staff search [OPEN] Rp_writingSG's staff search [OPEN] Art_graphics
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SG's staff search [OPEN]
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