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 The Megathread of club information

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PostSubject: The Megathread of club information   Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:25 pm

Hello you! Want to find members on the forum with similar interests/hobbies? Then look no further! We have a fun clubs feature on the forums dedicated to just that! Read up for more information!

-The club owner and co-owner (if the owner wants one), host club events, livestreams, graphics, contests, etc, and manage the club.  Owners (and Co-owners) also get access to a secret discord channel and sub-forum, as well as get added to the club owners group.

A Few rules, though:
- No 18+ clubs
- No clubs that are based off of hate or drama
- Clubs must follow forum rules
- Fill out this form
- PM Sailor Mercury or Neo Queen Serenity indicating that you have filled out the form
- When your form response is looked at (normally less than a week or two), you will get a PM that indicating that your club application was denied (we will tell you why), or accepted.
- If accepted, create a club thread! Add info about your club, graphics, activities that happen in the club, etc. Have fun!


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The Megathread of club information
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