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 Member Ranks

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PostSubject: Member Ranks   Member Ranks I_icon_minitimeFri May 05, 2017 9:39 pm

Member Ranks HEm2uy9
We have a couple ranks you can earn, and they also come with benefits! These ranks are based of off Sailor Moon's transformations in the manga. We added these to make the forum experience more enjoyable!

Member Ranks Rank1
The very first rank you get here! Comes with no extra info.

Member Ranks Rank2
The second rank. To get this rank you must:

Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Be a member for a week
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Have 20 posts.
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Pm a staff member with the title "I want to become a crystal member".

Member Ranks Rank3
The third rank. To get this you must:

Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Be a member for 2 weeks.
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Have at least 60 posts.
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Pm a staff member with a PM titled, "I want to become a cosmic member". And your request will be accepted if you meet the requirements.

Member Ranks Rank4
The fourth rank! To get this you must:

Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Be a member for a month
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Have at least 100 posts
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b PM a staff member with the title "I would like to become a crisis member" and we will ask you questions relating to the site rules, conduct, and maybe some sailor moon stuff! However you are free to decline being asked.


Member Ranks Rank5
The fifth and final rank. These are older members, who have used the forums for a long time. These members get a monthly "allowance" of 100 stars, get access to a private and exclusive forum, get special signatures, graphics, and icons. They also have a special, private channel on the discord server. As well as other eternal-only member gifts, surprises, and bonuses. To get this rank you must:

Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Must be registered for 4 months.
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Must have 200 posts.
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Pm a staff member titled "I want to become a eternal member". You choose a sailor moon subject (sera myu, anime, manga, etc), and you have to complete a 10-question quiz. To pass, you have to at least get an 70%. If you fail this quiz, you have to wait 5 days to retry.

How do I get more active?
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Create a roleplay, add your OC, or join one
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Participate in events
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Join contests
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Post news threads and add to discussions
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Post your fanfiction and/or fanart/graphics
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Give people help and feedback
Member Ranks Pastel_pink_star_bullet_by_shadow_rep-d8njc9b Generally get involved with the community


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Member Ranks
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