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 Newbie Guide

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Neo Queen Serenity
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PostSubject: Newbie Guide   Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:27 pm



I need help! Who can I message? Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars or Neo Queen Serenity. Or if you prefer a quicker response send one of us a pm on discord.

I need help with posting functions? Visit our thread filled with "forum mini-tutorials" it explains a majority of posting buttons and functions.

There are too many avatars and signatures to select from! I have more than two bumpers signatures! What should I do?  You can use a signature rotating site (Such as GrumpyBumpers or SignAvatar for your bumpers, stamps, and signatures. GrumpyBumpers is recommended because you are not allowed to created multiple accounts on SignAvatar. You cannot rotate your avatars, however.

I need a signature and/or avatar, where can I find one? If you cannot make your own or if you'd rather have someone else make it, go to the graphic requests forum.  It is highly advised you download the graphics of your choice and re-host them (imgur, postimg,, etc), in case the original file is lost.

If you are *new here, you may be interested in this section. The founder (Neo Queen Serenity) has created carefully crafted signatures + avatars specifically created for new members. It is highly advised you download them and re-host them (imgur, postimg, etc). 






*anyone can use these graphics, it is just a better resource for newer members because they are likely to not have a signature or avatar.


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Newbie Guide
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