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 All About The Shopping Center

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PostSubject: All About The Shopping Center   Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:37 pm

The star garden has a virtual shop filled with graphic goodies by Eternal Sailor Moon and Luna. It encourages member activity and gives our members more things to enjoy here. We will explain the basics of our shop, "the silver emporium".


  • The SE is open to eternal members! Using an item from the store as a non-eternal member will earn you discipline.
  • As an eternal member, you MUST pay for items. Not paying will also earn you discipline.
  • You cannot "trade" items you have bought yourself. You can however gift items you have bought.
  • Please fill out the buying form fully and correctly. It is posted in the silver emporium, but it also will be posted here for convenience.

Quote :
Items wanted:
Total Stars:
Extra Information:


  • You cannot buy coupons or tickets. You can earn them during/in events, the weekly raffle, raffles, and other (secret) things!
  • Items in the store are created by Luna and Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • Please do not steal things from our shop to use on other sites, they are SG exclusive.
  • A thread must have be titled: [# of items, Username]....etc, [6 items, Neo Queen Serenity]


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All About The Shopping Center
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