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 SG writing section

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SG writing section Empty
PostSubject: SG writing section   SG writing section I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 07, 2017 6:38 pm

SG writing section Writingsection
Welcome to the writing section!  (if you wish, create an index thread for your works...and add a little about you, in rp & writing creativity society).  This a forum dedicated to all written art. Be it peoms, biographies, song lyrics, fanfics, original stories, you name it! (RP however is not allowed). Read this first.

There a few rules before you decide to join in, though.

  1. Keep all works PG-13 and below
  2. Do not steal!
  3. Please remember to follow forum rules.
  4. Please format written works using the form below.
  5. When posting a thread with the story, do not put a link to the story. Your story must be in your post (as in written words).
  6. When posting, please let us know what type of written work it is. For example [Fanfic] Sailor Moon, [Poem] Eternal Power, [Song] Ai No Senshi, [Biography] Mercury...and so on.You can currently add: [Original Fiction] [Song] [Poem] [Fanfic] [Biography] [Other]
  7. When commenting, suggestions or (constructive) criticism is fine, but please do not write a full-fledged critique. We have a critique forum in our Writing creativity society.

Quote :
Name: (what the name of your story)?
Author: (you! please use your forum username)
Age Rating: (G, PG, or PG-13)
Finished: (it is in progress (not finished) or finished?)
Comments: (are you allowing comments?)
Notes: (any extra info, feel free to remove if you'd like)


[b]Age Rating:[/b] (G, PG, or PG-13)
[b]Notes:[/b] [/quote]


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SG writing section
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