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 SG's Offical Weekly Raffle [Earn Prizes!]

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PostSubject: SG's Offical Weekly Raffle [Earn Prizes!]   Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:44 am

Do you want to become a winner here on SG and win a fun prize? Come and test your luck!

We host raffles (enter by simply filling out the form below), and these can earn you points, lottery-exclusive bumpers, signatures, stamps, coupons, and...more surprises! It costs 15 stars to enter.

More graphics will be added while time passes, so you may get the same graphic multiple times.

How it works:

  1. When you fill out the form, your name is put on a list (only available to staff before we post the results publicly)
  2. A number (randomly generated) is put on the list next to your name
  3. That number reveals what prize you'll get. 

The Numbers
20 - 40: Exclusive Raffle Bumper
41 - 80 - Exclusive Raffle Signature
81 - 100 - 500 stars
101 - 120 - 1000 stars
121 - 140 - Free Stamp Ticket (Silver Emporium)
141 - 180 - Free Full Stamp Set Ticket (Silver Emporium)
181 - 200 - Free Signature Ticket (Silver Emporium)
201 - 220 - Free Sticker Ticket (Silver Emporium)
221 - 240 - Neo Queen Serenity Graphic Ticket (makes a graphic of your choice, currently allowing: stamps, signatures, bumpers, avatars, tumblr/livejournal/blog/website avatars that are 100x100px, 150x150px, and 200x200px)
241 - 280+ Exclusive Raffle Stamp
500 - Grand Prize of 5000 stars

What happens if I get less than 20?
You will receive 100 stars, don't feel discouraged!

The form


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SG's Offical Weekly Raffle [Earn Prizes!]
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