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 SG's Offical Weekly Raffle [Earn Prizes!]

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PostSubject: SG's Offical Weekly Raffle [Earn Prizes!]   Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:44 am

Do you want to become a winner here on SG and win a fun prize? Come and test your luck!

We host raffles (enter by simply filling out the form below), and these can earn you points, lottery-exclusive bumpers, signatures, stamps, coupons, and...more surprises! It costs 15 stars to enter.

How it works:

  1. When you fill out the form, your name is put on a list (only available to staff before we post the results publicly)
  2. A number (randomly generated) is put on the list next to your name
  3. That number reveals what prize you'll get. 

The Numbers
20 - 40: Exclusive Raffle Bumper
41 - 80 - Exclusive Raffle Signature
81 - 100 - 200 stars
101 - 120 - 500 stars
121 - 140 - Free Stamp Ticket (Silver Emporium)
141 - 180 - Free Full Stamp Set Ticket (Silver Emporium)
181 - 200 - Free Signature Ticket (Silver Emporium)
201 - 220 - Free Sticker Ticket (Silver Emporium)
221 - 240 - Neo Queen Serenity Graphic Ticket (makes a graphic of your choice, currently allowing: stamps, signatures, bumpers, avatars, tumblr/livejournal/blog/website avatars that are 100x100px, 150x150px, and 200x200px)
241 - 280 Exclusive Raffle Stamp
500 - Grand Prize of 1000 stars

What happens if I get less than 20?
You will receive 50 stars, don't feel discouraged!

The form


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SG's Offical Weekly Raffle [Earn Prizes!]
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