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 Story Lines Info & Application

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PostSubject: Story Lines Info & Application   Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:53 am

Storylines, why?
Storylines here are needed to keep things organized, and so people are able to see what your RP is about without having to ask you millions of questions per second. 

Rules & Info

  • Make sure your storylines abide to the forum rules.
  • Your storylines MUST be approved!
  • Please mark your storylines as either [Casual] or [Advanced] Put [Multiverse] in front if it's in the multiverse!
  • You are allowed to decorate your rp thread once your storyline is approved.

Casual vs. Advanced

  • Casual RPS are casual and less sophisticated than Advanced RPs.
  • Shorter replies (at least 150) are allowed in Casual RPs.
  • Advanced RPs require good grammar, writing, and longer posts (at least 300). We expect more from you when doing an advanced RP.




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Story Lines Info & Application
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