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 Character Profiles 101

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PostSubject: Character Profiles 101   Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:22 am

Quick Info

  • There is no current character limit. Don't overwork yourself, and if we find you are neglecting most of your characters, the RP staff will PM you to discuss it.
  • We allow Otaku Senshi.
  • Character profiles come in two categories here, Casual and Advanced. Casual is just that, "causal". Advanced is more "advanced" and you are expected to write more lengthy, thorough, and descriptive profiles/posts.
  • Character profiles are Canon, Otaku Senshi/Crossover, and Multiverse.
  • There are 5 character types, Senshi, Civilian, Villain, Crossover, and Knight.

Why are profiles needed?
Mostly to keep the site tidy and organised. If people were allowed to randomly post their characters anywhere/play them without being approved, it would be chaos. It is also so people can know more about your character.


Otaku Senshi/Crossover:


Character Types

  • Senshi: A sailor senshi, "scout", or guardian. Protectors of the planets and universe.
  • Civilian: Someone who cannot transform. Can be classified as a "commoner".
  • Villain: The bad guys. Who...destroy things.
  • Crossover: Characters from other media...not sailor moon related.
  • Knight: People like Tuxedo Mask.


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Character Profiles 101
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