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 [SAMPLE] Misumi Tokoyo

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PostSubject: [SAMPLE] Misumi Tokoyo   Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:25 pm

This is my legit otaku senshi, but I am using it now as a profile example.

Name: Misumi Tokoyo
Gender: Female
Traits:  She wants to become an astronomer, and to explore the universe, to be exact, the stars. Misumi has always loved the stars as as younger child. Every time they came out at night, she asked her mother to allow her out, before bedtime. In general, Misumi is a proper teenage girl, she is smart, ladylike, and very responsible, thus being mature enough to get a job. She has a weak spot for space, science, and the science of the universe. Every time, every single time, when a space-related thing or even a tiny piece of info about the universe, she turns pink, and suddenly loses these "lady-like" qualities and behavior. She doesn't like making friends, and enjoys being independent, and is quite lonely, she always, and very clearly states that she does not believe in "love". She even denies that love exists. She also dislikes children, as they tend to bother her.
Appearance (link to image if you like):
Dream (s):

Sailor Name:

Transformation Speech:
Outfit (link to fuku and/or describe):

Rp Sample:


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[SAMPLE] Misumi Tokoyo
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