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 Discord and Cbox rules

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PostSubject: Discord and Cbox rules   Fri May 26, 2017 12:41 am

Hello all! We have a cbox and a discord server for faster and more brief conversations. We have rules for the cbox and the server, but the rules are the same as the website's rules (with slight changes).

Discord & Cbox Rules

  1. Do not spam in the cbox nor discord. 
  2. Please do not badmouth our members, even though they do bad things and/or are a bad member.
  3. No advertising
  4. Please use your site username as your nickname on discord and the cbox.

Discord Chat Link
For registered members, it is located on the very bottom of the sidebar.

Discord Chat Colors
FF33F1 is the color of both the founder and co founder.
9E335E is the color of the other admins/mods/staff.
FF2977  is the color for our eternal members.

Other Info

  • If you break a rule in the chat/discord, it will count as rule broken on the site.
  • Guests cannot join the discord server as they do not have access to the invite link. Please join us to join our discord server!


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Discord and Cbox rules
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